Monday, June 29, 2009

Our very first post!

Hi there everyone! This is my very first post. Let me begin things with letting everyone know that MK is doing alot better. He just had surgery on June 15th @ John Hopkin's for a revision of his first Cochlear Implant due to a device failure and we also decided to go bilateral! Michael Kade will now be hearing bilaterally (WOW that is so nice to finally be able to say) We have his first re-activation appt for his right side on Wednesday and we cannot wait! MK has been without hearing for almost 17 days now so the countdown is on.

Let me also add that we received MK's last report card in the mail and yes he made distinguished honor roll AGAIN!!!! We also learned during our down time from the surgery that MK made the ALL-STARS for baseball! We are SO excited. For anyone that knows Michael Kade well enough you know he is ALL boy and anything that involves a bat and ball he is all for.

I will post more after our Wednesday appt to keep everyone updated!!! Thank you so much for joining in on Michael Kade's hearing journey!